About Generators

We install and service generators to keep your electrical system operating during a power failure. Power outages and bad weather go hand and hand and losing power can cost you money. We are a certified installer of Kohler Generator’s. We can design and size a power generator system for your home or business.

What Is Backup Power?

A standby generator is permanently installed outdoors, much like an air-conditioning unit is. The generator operates on your home’s existing fuel source – whether that’s natural gas or liquid propane (LP). The KOHLER standby power system includes the generator, automatic transfer switch, battery charger and distribution panel.

The transfer switch is the brain of your KOHLER backup power system. It continually monitors the utility power for an interruption. If utility power fails, the transfer switch automatically starts the generator, transfers the electrical loads and restores power to your home. When utility power resumes, the transfer switch reverses the process… again, automatically, whether you’re home or away.

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Some Kohler Generators We Install

Why Generators?

It’s rare that a business can afford a downtime in days like today with internet services and electronic equipment – a business that depends heavily on online sales could lose thousands or millions of dollars in sales.

At Gunn Electric, we’ve been working for over 30 years with businesses in various industries to prevent downtimes and power loss – keeping them running at full power until power is restored.

Brands We Install